vendredi 5 août 2016

"Diversity-Equity-Excellence" by Indiana University : the FASE program [août 2016]

Supervised by the Indiana University Office of Mentoring Services and Leadership Development (MSLD), FASE is a program to support student success, with special emphasis in working on behalf of students from under-represented and/or under-served populations.

"The FASE Mentoring Program assists first year students with their transition into Indiana University by helping them to make vital connections through university resources and activities for the purpose of achieving an enhanced academic and social experience".

University resources  include the African American Arts Institute, the Asian Cultural Center, the LaCasa/Latino Cultural Center, the Neal-Marschall Black Culture Center, Disability Services for Students, GLBT Student Support Services, Writing Tutoral Services,...

FASE Mentoring Program provides for
  • academic and career guidance
  • campus connections
  • leadership developement
  • networking
  • peer advice and support
  • student organizations.

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