lundi 1 avril 2019

What is diversity ? [avr. 2019]

What is diversity ?

Just have a look at the following facts :

On March 30-31, 2019, the Vietnamese diaspora gathered in Paris to attend to the kick off fforum of the Vietnam Global Leaders Network (VGLF) [1].
There were representatives from above 20 countries.

Among the attendees, a group of them are or will be "Ingénieur(e)s Polytechnicien(ne)s".
There were at least 3 generations [2a][2b].

Two "Ingénieur(e)s Polytechnicien(ne)s" generations at Vietnam Global Leaders Forum, Paris, 2019.
from left to right : NGUYEN Hoang Nam, DO-KHAC Tru, DAO Nhat Minh, NGUYEN Thi Thu Quyen, CHU Xuan Bach, NGUYEN Dinh Toan, NGUYEN Danh Phuong

Like Ecole Polytechnique, who works to attract to its campus the young talents of the world [3], the Vietnam government aims to leverage the 4 millions people strong Vietnamese diaspora to accelerate Vietnam journey towards Industry 4.0.

Now that the Vietnam Global Leaders Network has been launched, the next question is :

"How to enable the diverse individuals from the Vietnamese diaspora who are eager to help Vietnam journey towards Industry 4.0 ? [4]

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