lundi 9 septembre 2019

International Ecole Polytechnique students from Vietnam, 2019 promotion [sep 2019]

On satuday september 7. 2019, Ecole Polytechnique alumni association (AX) welcomed international students admitted in 2019 [1].

Like last year [2], it was a bright sunny afternoon and Ecole Polytechnique international students and their French alumni mentors [3] have nurtured friendship around a barbecue beside the campus lake.

left to right : Hoang Nam NGUYEN (X2016), Tru DO-KHAC(X79), Vu Hoang PHAM(X2019),
Quoc Viet NGUYEN(X2019), Vincent DAMAS(X98), Quang Anh NGUYEN(X2018)
Photo : Didier Stéphane NGATCHA BAKOUE (X2019) Cameroun

For the Vietnamese X, Vietnam origin X and their friends, it was a second opportunity in 2019 to nurture links [4].
Quang Anh Nguyen (X2018) and his mentor Vincent Damas (X98), Hoang Nam Nguyen (X2016) and his mentor Tru Do-Khac (X79), joined together to greet Vu Hoang Pham (X2019) and Quoc Viet Nguyen (X2019).

Vu Hoang Pham and Quoc Viet Nguyen began their higher studies at University of Science and Technology of Hanoi (USTH), Vietnam[5].

To enter Ecole Polytechnique, Vu Hoang Pham and Quoc Viet Nguyen came out of a squad of 6 students after a series of oral tests in front of Ecole Polytechnique professors and staff who had made a special trip to Hanoi, Vietnam. The squad of 6 students had been elligible from a series of written tests.  

Vu Hoang et Quoc Viet have been awarded the "Hoang Chuc Scholarship" from Ecole Polytechnique Foundation (FX) [6].

We congratulate Vu Hoang and Quoc Viet and wish them success in their studies at Ecole Polytechnique.

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[2]  Parrainage des élèves internationaux de l'Ecole polytechnique [oct 2018], X-Diversité,18 octobre 2018
[3] In French, the official word is "parrain", god father.
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[5] University of Science and Technology of Hanoi, official site
[6]  Chuc Hoang (X64). Les Grands donateurs à l'honneur, 11 juin 2014, Fondation de l’École Polytechnique (FX)

Note : in Vietnamese language, the last name (họ) should come before the surname (tên) : ex HOANG Chuc

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