mercredi 3 avril 2019

Diversity brought together for excellence

Ingénieurs Polytechniciens and Élèves Ingénieur(e)s Polytechnicien(ne)s were among the 250 attendees to the Vietnam Global Leaders Forum taking place in Paris on 30-31 March, 2019 [1a][1b].

From left to right : HOANG Chuc (X1964), NGUYEN Hoang Nam (X2016), DO-KHAC Tru (X1979), DAO Nhat Minh (X2017), NGUYEN Thi Thu Quyen (X2017), CHU Xuan Bach (X014), NGUYEN Dinh Toan (X2015), NGUYEN Danh Phuon (X2017)

HOANG Chuc is a businessman and entrepreneur ; he is  Grand Donateur of École Polytechnique Foundation, which funds the Hoang Chuc Scholarship [2]. He is a one of the four sponsors of Vietnam Global Leaders Forum [3].

CHU Xuan Bach (X2014) and DAO Nhat Minh (X2017) have been awarded for the Hoang Chuc Scholarship.

DO-KHAC Tru (X1979) owns a small business which aims to deliver globally innovative management coaching tools (Agile games) [4]. He is NGUYEN Hoang Nam (X2016)'s Parrain within the École Polytechnique stewardship programme for international students at École Polytechnique[5].

[1a]Vietnam Global Leaders Forum 2019, Paris
[1b] Open Innovation above borders(Open Innovation par dessus les frontières)
[2] Polytechnique strengthens its international development in Asia 
[3] Other sponsors are : Viettel, VNPT (Vietnam Posts and Telecoms), MinhLong 
[4] Agile games from over the world
[5] Déjeuner de lancement du parrainage des élèves internationaux

Note on the title : Diversity brought together for excellence is the faithful translation of X-Diversité tag line "La diversité rassemblée pour l'excellence"
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